The Wilkerson FOIA Release

The Wilkerson FOIA Release

The following documents pertaining to the case of US v. Lt Col James Wilkerson are included in this release, often collectively referred to as the Record of Trial, which includes all pre-trial, trial and post-trial documents.

Additionally, there is an Inspector General's Investigation and a letter of explanation from Lt. Gen. Craig Franklin, the General Court-Martial Convening Authority, on his decision to disapprove the case. The letter written by Lt. Gen. Franklin was not required nor did the Secretary of the Air Force ask for his explanation, it was provided voluntarily, and sets out Lt. Gen. Franklin's reasons for setting aside the findings and sentence in the case.

Record of Trial

Gen Franklin's Memo

Air Force Inspector General  Report

Air Force Office of Special Investigations' Report

Clemency, Pgs 1-126

Clemency, Pgs 127-259

Article 32, Pgs 1-25

Article 32, Pgs 26-50

Article 32, Pgs 51-75

Article 32, Pgs 76-90

Article 32, Pgs 91-137

Exhibits, Pgs 1-35

Exhibits, Pgs 36-75

Exhibits, Pgs 76-125

Exhibits, Pgs 126-150

Exhibits, Pgs 151-175

Exhibits, Pgs 176-200

Exhibits, Pgs 201-225

Exhibits, Pgs 226-250

Exhibits, Pgs 251-275

Exhibits, Pgs 276-300

Exhibits, Pgs 301-335

Prosecution Exhibit 2 Transcript

Prosecution Exhibit 2 Transcript, Video Pt 1_WMV

Prosecution Exhibit 2 Transcript, Video Pt 2_WMV

Prosecution Exhibit 2 Transcript, Video Pt 3_WMV

Prosecution Exhibit 2 Transcript, Video Pt 4_WMV

Defense Exhibits Q

Gen Zobrist Emails

3rd AF Emails

31st FW Emails

Prosecution Emails

Gen Franklin Emails:  Pgs 1-66, Pgs 67-132, Pgs133-198, Pgs 199-264, Pgs 265-330

12th AF CDI

31st FW ROI 1

31st FW ROI 2